Innovator's Mindset Flex PD Course Reflection


The book study for Innovator's Mindset was by far the most popular of the Flex PD courses I offered for Milaca Teachers as part of my Digital Learning Leaders Project. 33 staff signed up to be part of it and 22 took an active role in the dialogues and discussions surrounding the different parts of the book. It was so popular, that I am going to offer another book study during the second semester of this year. Below is some of the data from the end our course evaluation.

86.9% rated a 4 or 5: This book challenged my thinking about education and encouraged me to think about new and better ways of teaching and learning.

Selected Comments:

  • "Would I want to be a student in my class?" This is what challenged me/will challenge me the most! I don't know if my answer would always be yes :(
  • I’m not a risk taker and it challenged me to think about change and how important it is because the kids are changing and so is what they need to know in the future.
  • Easy, positive read! Helped me feel I am doing right by my students
  • I feel like it raised the bar for quality, relevant, engaging, purposeful teaching/learning
  • I feel he used 30 pages to say what he could in 5. It was a lot of fluff.

69.9% rated a 4 or 5: How practical and useful was content from this book for what you teach and/or your role in education?

Selected Comments:

  • This book would be practical for anyone in education not just teachers.
  • Real stories & examples
  • The book is both theoretical and practical, theoretical so that it can be applied to any educator and includes practical examples to help spur one's thinking for their own context
  • Slightly difficult in primary grades.

90% rated a 4 or 5: How likely would you be to recommend this book to another teacher/educator?

Selected Comments:

  • The books does get you thinking about what you can change and how it might benefit your students.
  • Some people simply do not want to change, those who do I would recommend it.
  • I wish I would have had this at the beginning of my career
  • Again I feel like it raised the bar for quality, relevant, engaging, purposeful teaching/learning
  • I think this book is good for teachers in the general education setting.

95.7% rated 4 or 5 that the book was an appropriate selection

Only 8.7% rated 4 or 5 that one month was an appropriate amount of time.

91.3% rated 4 or 5 that Google classroom worked well as a tool to deliver the content.

82.6% rated 4 or 5 that the discussion questions were meaningful; 69.5% rated 4 or 5 that the activities were meaningful

78.3% would definitely take another similar FlexPD course; 21.7% were maybe; 0% No

I think these results are extremely positive and mean that we should continue to offer opportunities such as this for teacher to grow and develop professionally. As a result, I will continue to offer future FlexPD courses.

Next Steps:

I think the evaluation results also suggest some areas to develop in the future. Here are some of my next step ideas.

  1. Survey the entire teaching staff to find out what FlexPD opportunities they participated in so far this year, what topics or areas would like like to see future courses developed in, and if there are other people that would be interested in developing and facilitating their own courses.
  2. The book study is a very popular topic. I would like to explore ideas for the next book, which might include getting a bulk purchase rate so it would save people money.
  3. Teacher time is valuable and in short supply. More time needs to be given for teachers to read, digest, and reflect the content of whatever book is chosen.
  4. Continue to promote the positives of Flexible PD. I still hear people complaining about having to use outside of school time to complete it.