Chasing Curiosity

This is what I am up to these days. It is the list of things that are keeping me most curious right now. Many relate to education. For now, many will relate to innovation. Some will be about my passions, both professional and personal. Here you will also find what conferences/workshops I am attending or presenting at.


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Currently Reading

I am currently reading Learner Centered Innovation by Katie Martin as part of the #IMMOOC Season 4 book study. You will be able to find blog posts related to this book on my main page.

I recently read Mobile Learning Mindset: The Coaches Guide to Implementation by Carl Hooker. His ideas about what NOT to do in a 1:1 implementation resonated very true. I would like to see issues address when our district updates it Technology Plan this year.

I recently read the book Shift This by Joy Kirr. Many great take aways from this book. Ones I have focused on recently in my classes have been the EdCafe idea, and her thoughts about creating and utilizing flexible learning spaces.

I recently read the book Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. What has me most curious about this book is about engaging and empowering students in the classroom. Plus Dave is a History Guy!

TIES Digital Learning Leaders Program Cohort

This school year (2017-2018), I am participating in the Digital Learning Leaders Program at TIES. The program assists Technology Integrationists become better leaders and innovators of using technology to increase teacher proficiency and student achievement. Please refer to the DLL Program Link on this page. You can check out more about the program here.

Presentations at Conferences

TIES 2017

Presented 2 BreakoutEDU Sessions at the TIES 2017 Conference in December 2017. Both were games that I collaborated on.

Pine City Dragon Tech Summit

Made it with about 3 minutes to spare!

Made it with about 3 minutes to spare!

September 19, 2017 I presented BreakoutEDU again at the Dragon Tech Summit. Check out my Blog Post about this exciting conference where Students presented to other students at a school-wide tech conference.

MN ITEM Spring Conference

April 8, 2017, I presented two BreakoutEDU sessions at the Minnesota ITEM Spring Conference at North Hopkins Junior High School. The first, was a playing of the game: Cheers to a Great PLC, which I co-created with Mike Walker, Carla Staffa, and Tracey Wingert. The second session was a Game Creators Workshop. That was a lot of fun. I shared my ideas, tips, and strategies for creating your own BreakoutEDU games. Look for me doing more of these workshops in the future.

MAFCS Conference Keynote Presenter

February 24. 2017 My Friend and Colleague Ashley Nelson, invited me to be the Keynote Presenter at the Minnesota Association of Family and Consumer Science annual conference in Duluth, MN. For this presentation, I created a brand new BreakoutEDU game called The Revenge of Ms. Cheezious. It was a game played by 150 people all at the same time in the same room. It was so much fun to work out the logistics of the game creation, set up, and execution. All the while, making sure that it was engaging, entertaining, and educational at the same time. The attendees loved it. I also presented a session about BreakoutEDU, how to find games, how to find resources. This was the inspiration for the Game Creator's Workshop session at ITEM.

Myself with Ashley after the Presentation.

Myself with Ashley after the Presentation.

Where it's at!

Where it's at!

Innovative Teaching Academy

In 2017 I enrolled in AJ Juliani's Innovative Teaching Academy, an online course for teacher and school leaders. I am very curious about this current hot topic in education circles, and how I can promote new and better ideas/methods/learning both inside the classroom and out.


EDpuzzle Certification

I am a certified EDpuzzle Coach and worked on developing content for American Government and social studies.

BreakoutEDU Authorized Trainer

I am an authorized trainer for BreakoutEDU and available to help facilitate and develop BreakoutEDU games for students and staff. I have presented BreakoutEDU at conference, workshops, in classrooms, and at staff meetings over a dozen times. 

Continuing my Education

in 2018, I went back to school! I am learning and taking 18 graduate level credits in the area of Political Science from Minnesota State University at Moorhead. All coursework is online. To date I have had classes in:

  • Public Policy