What is Resiliency?

What is resiliency?

"the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness" (google)

For the last couple of months I have been spending much time wrestling with the topic of failure. I applied for a coaching position at the school I am at and didn't get the job. Was that a failure on my part? Did I let myself down? Did I let my student-athletes down? Did I let my family down? All these thoughts went through my head for about 2 days. After that I decided I had enough of that thinking.

I made the conscious choice that I wasn't moving on from coaching a sport I love; I was moving FORWARD. I was going to be RESILIENT! I am not a person with just one passion. I have many. I put my energies into other areas and have been even more excited and invigorated in those pursuits than I was coaching. That's why I am participating in the #IMMOOC group.

This failure also caused me to stop and think. How many times have I failed in my life, my career, my relationships, my choices? Too many times to count. In fact so many times that I probably should have just quit them all years ago, but why haven't I? RESILIENCY!

As a teacher I must model this to my students; I must show them how to take failure, reflect on it, learn from it and move forward to something NEW and BETTER. Move forward to something INNOVATIVE. As a technology inteGREATionist in my district, I must also demonstrate that for other teachers I work with and encourage them to keep taking risks with their teaching.

Let me close with my current favorite quote about failure by Eric Zorn:

Image Credit: "Eric Zorn Quote." A-Z Quotes. Web. 10 Mar. 2017.

Note: This post originally appeared on my old blog site on 3/10/17