Chasing Curiosity

Time to celebrate success. This is the 3rd blog post I've made this week and I feel the reflection process has been excellent. I find myself just starting to type with only a vague direction of what I want to say, but then the words and the lines just seem to fill themselves in. But in saying so, I am probably digressing (by the way, if anyone continues to read the posts I make, I'm sure this will be a theme you notice: I am a random thinking person. I don't apologize for that, but consider it a warning).

I have been very inspired by several things in the #IMMOOC community, but a couple of items stand out for me and are shaping my vision for education. 

The first thing is the concept of Design Thinking. I was captivated by the discussion with AJ Juliani and John Spencer and their book LAUNCH. I haven't read their book yet, but it is next on my list. I have some other book that I need to finish reading first.... (huh?!). 

The second thing was a comment, from either the conversation with AJ and John, or the first twitter chat. The comment was only two words, but they have stuck with me and resonated so that I've been thinking a lot about it lately. It is "Chase Curiosity." This is my vision for education. Spark the wonder that not just students, but teachers, adults, everyone need to continue to learn, even outside of the school doors. 

Finally, I was inspired by a tweet from Laurie Storm @LaurieStorm1 during the 3rd Twitter Chat. She said, 

Celebrate curiosity. Expect it. Demand it. Reward it. It leads to questions and questions lead to voice.

 It was so great to know that someone was on the same wave length about curiosity as I was. I innovated this in my reply to her: Chase It.

Note: Post originally appeared on my old blog site on 3/17/17.